Wäin am Aklang mat der Natur
Clos des Jardins
On this occasion we would like to inform you with due pride the resentation of our great wines:
Riesling 2021, Pinot Gris le naturel 2021 and the Pinot Gris PV 2021. Under menu item Product you will find more information about these traditionally made wines.
All our wines are completely produced "in house". That goes from the start of the plant to work in the vineyard, the harvest and fermentation to the filling of the wine and labeling of the bottle. And all this in collaboration with the Nature. We try to produce as little CO2 as possible. An example of this is that we use lighter Wine bottles than average. Even to produce the Wine we use an old Celler of around the year 1800. We can not actif cool the tanks of wine with a  airconditioning heat pump or water cooling system.  In the menu point C02 you find more info about how we work to reduce the CO2.